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Likely to be mostly history, Russian literature, stuff about Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, various fandoms as they happen to strike me (Les Mis, Tolkien, Doctor Who, at this point a bit of Supernatural, too...), dogs (behavior, training, genetics), nature, cool buildings, animal behavior, and... anything else that happens to appeal to me.

About me... I'm 22. I have a degree in Russian studies. I work as a book scanner--a vast improvement over cashiering in a hardware store! I'm from Michigan. I'm studying for a masters in historic preservation. I identify as a Polish-American. I have a slight love affair with the city of Kiev after spending a summer there. I had a Finnish Lapphund for 12 years. Someday I will have a Kai Ken. This seems to cover most of what I've been asked, but feel free to ask me anything else you want to know!


Ovocné knedlíky (Fruit dumpligs) or Kynuté knedlíky is a food of traditional Czech, Austrian and Polish cuisine. Dumplings are made from raised dough or curd cheese dough. They are filled with various kind of fruit like peaches, berries, strawberries or apricots. Dumplings are cooked in boiling water and served hot, sprinkled with grated curd cheese, sugar or sometimes even cocoa and poured over with melted butter. Not many people can resist this delicacy.

(Source: get-to-know-cz)

I want a cup of tea, but my lip is still healing and I don’t want to burn it on the tea.

It’s also after midnight and I really do not need tea.


The Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) varies a lot in appearance over it’s range. In the southern half of Europe and Asia sub-species such as the Iberian (C. lupus signatus), Arabian (C. lupus arabs) and Indian (C. lupus pallipes) wolves are very different from the more familiar northern wolves. In general these wolves tend to be smaller with much shorter coats, longer limbs and finer features. 

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Oh wow they’re finally diversifying the DWTS pros! So excited! I can’t wait to see more of Keo Motsepe!

Dammit Lolo Jones was kicked off first week. Well it was good while it lasted.

#i mean #she was terrible #cuz she forgot her dance

Forever happy though that essentially all the Eastern European pros on DWTS are Jews from the former USSR.

Omg Dimitri Omg

Yes. I also love the Chmerkovskiy brothers. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Maksim’s personality.

I’m trying to remember why on earth I had a conversation about this with my father once.

It ended up with me giving a 5 minute crash course on the basic social history of Odessa. But I don’t remember why exactly the whole conversation happened.

That’s actually how I found out the pros were Jewish. I can get kind of obsessive. Oh hey, so I haven’t been able to find out why the Chmerkovskiy family emigrated from Ukraine, I’ve just been assuming it was because of communism and that they were Jewish. What do you think? He was born in 1980.

It’s not something I necessarily know a ton about, but I’d assume you’re basically right. Easier to emigrate than it had been, better opportunities abroad than at home, political change and instability and the threats that almost always represents (I’m not sure exactly when they emigrated, but the Gorbachev years became quite strange in the Soviet Union—and after the fall, things weren’t good for most people. If lines had been fact of life in the Soviet Union, food shortages were even more a fact of life in the early ’90s. People survived off dacha gardens), etc.

Now there might be some specific reason to spark emigration for them individually (beyond the more general factors that led to so much emigration for people—and especially Jewish people—from the USSR/former USSR), but I’m sure the general stuff happening in Ukraine at the time was at least a contributing factor.


I hit words at random on iOS 8’s new predictive text feature so I could see what type of sentence my phone thinks I’m likely to say, and