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Danuta Siedzikówna


Code name: Inka.


Danuta Siedzikówna was born in September 1928 in a village called Gluszczewina. Her life—and her death—would come to be defined by the events of the Second World War.

In 1943, at the age of fifteen, she became a member of the Armia Krajowa—the Polish underground “Home Army,” one of the most active resistance forces in Europe. Between 1944 and 1945 she received medical training, in order to serve as a medic for these resistance forces. Her father died in Tehran, having gone there to join Gen. Anders’ Polish Army. Her mother was arrested in 1942 and executed nearly a year later for collaboration with the underground.

The same fate, eventually, awaited Danuta. Even after the war’s official end, an underground anti-communist resistance movement remained active in Poland. These men and women would come to be called “cursed soldiers,” people for whom the war could not end. The remnants of the officially disbanded Armia Krajowa were characterized by the communist state apparatus as a “hostile element which must be removed without mercy.”

On June 6, 1945 “Inka” was arrested and taken to Bialystokn for aiding guerilla fighters in the forest around Hajnówka. This time, however, she and the other prisoners were freed by an Armia Krajowa reconnaissance unit based in Wilno and operating, temporarily, from Spieszyn. It was here, under the command of “Łupaszka” (Maj. Zygmunt Szendzielarz) that she began work as a medic.

This unit was disbanded later in 1945, and Danuta began to work in Miłomłyn for the forest service there. This activity was cut short in 1946 when the unit resumed operations. “Inka” returned to her service as a medic, this time under “Zelazny” (Lt. Zdislaw Badocha), and also took on the role of a courier.

She was arrested sometime during the night of July 19-20, 1946 based on information extracted from another captured nurse. “Inka” herself, however, was said to have revealed nothing about her unit when interrogated. Her trial was held on August 3.

Danuta was executed on August 28, 1946 with another member of the resistance—Feliks Selmanowicz, called “Zagonczyk.” According the account provided by the priest who performed their Last Rites, the condemned refused to have their eyes covered. They were read the refusal to pardon them, and, when the order was given to fire, Inka and Zagonczyk together shouted “Niech żyje Polska! Niech żyje Łupaszko!” Long live Poland! Long live Łupaszka!

There, in a prison in Gdansk, they died. The site of their burial is unknown.



Information from Here and Here; images from Wikipedia, and Here.

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