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Likely to be mostly history, Russian literature, stuff about Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, various fandoms as they happen to strike me (Les Mis, Tolkien, Doctor Who, at this point a bit of Supernatural, too...), dogs (behavior, training, genetics), nature, cool buildings, animal behavior, and... anything else that happens to appeal to me.

About me... I'm 22. I have a degree in Russian studies. I work as a book scanner--a vast improvement over cashiering in a hardware store! I'm from Michigan. I'm studying for a masters in historic preservation. I identify as a Polish-American. I have a slight love affair with the city of Kiev after spending a summer there. I had a Finnish Lapphund for 12 years. Someday I will have a Kai Ken. This seems to cover most of what I've been asked, but feel free to ask me anything else you want to know!


Donetsk Today: New Photos from the Front-Line City,
from Korrespondent, July 25, 2014.

Separatists, a shell-hole in a professor’s house, bomb shelters in old school basements, and Soviet-era instruction sheets for how to use bomb shelters.

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