Likely to be mostly history, historic preservation, Russian literature, stuff about Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, various fandoms as they intermittently strike me, dogs (behavior, training, genetics), nature, cool buildings, animal behavior, and... anything else that happens to appeal to me.

About me... I'm 23. I'm a graduate student in historic preservation. I have a BA in Russian studies. I'm Polish-American (on one side, at least). I have a slight love affair with the city of Kiev after spending a summer there.

I had a Finnish Lapphund for 12 years. Someday I will have a Kai Ken. I have a now 15 year old cat who follows me like a dog and features sometimes in my blogging.


Donetsk Today: New Photos from the Front-Line City,
from Korrespondent, July 25, 2014.

Separatists, a shell-hole in a professor’s house, bomb shelters in old school basements, and Soviet-era instruction sheets for how to use bomb shelters.

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